7 tips for traditional English food you will fall in love with

english food

I moved to England a month ago and I’m slowly getting used to my new home. Food was probably the easiest part of it, cos its truly lovely. So, if you are traveling to England there are some food tips you should really try out. Keep on reading to explore the very best of it!


Have you ever heard of crumpets? Put it on the grill, then add a little bit of butter with cheddar cheese on top and you will have the best snack. Really easy and really nice.  

Tea and biscuits

Well, you all must have heard about English tea. Brown tea with milk and I fancy it with a tea spoon of sweetener as well. But that’s not all. When they have tea they always have some lovely biscuits with it. I enjoy an orange club as well as a mint club, also some jaffa cakes or custard creams. Love it!

English breakfast

Sausages, bacon, beans, eggs, toast… Yes, if you´ve heard about a traditional English breakfast, this is exactly how it is. Because they don´t really have lunch like we do (soup and main food), just usually sandwiches. Breakfast is big part of the day, and it is lovely! I could not have imagined eating beans with eggs and sausages, cos that’s not something we would do, but it´s so good.

Roast dinner

A usual roast or “Sunday” dinner consists of Yorkshire pudding´s, veggies, chicken/beef/pork and roast or mashed potatoes. They also put gravy on top of it. Oh gosh, they do know how to make lovely dinners.


It may sound basic, but a tuna sandwich with crisps (as crazy as it may sound) is seriously a lovely meal! English people are obsessed with sandwiches, its their traditional and most common lunch meal and well, they do know how to make proper ones.


Shepherd’s pie

Beef mince with veggies topped with mashed potatoes and grated cheese on top. If you have never ate this, you are missing out.

shepherds pie

Yorkshire pudding

Forget about nice sweet chocolate pudding´s we know in Europe. These are also lovely, its made of flour, milk and eggs, kind of similar to pancakes recipe but they eat it with the roast dinner so its not sweet at all.

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