Priority vs non-priority: Is it worth paying extra on flights?!


Ryanair has changed their cabin policy recently. They started to charge people for storing their hand luggage in the cabin. You are only allowed to take one personal bag on board with you. The other must go to hold, if you do not pay extra money. If you really want to have your baggage with you through the whole flight, you need to pay 7 euros extra. Is it worth the money? I decided to pay the extra fee to be able to tell you if it’s worth it.

Small fee

First, seven euros is not such a big fee to pay. Problem is, that a lot of people realizes that and that’s why they decide to pay it as well. What happens then, is that there are almost more priority tickets than non-priority tickets. That makes me feel like it’s not that special anymore. So, is it really worth it?

Enter the plane first

Truth is, that you will be showing the boarding passes first and you will get to wait in separate little room with the other people who bought the priority tickets. Eventually, you will get to board the plane first, with those who paid the extra seven euros.

The thing is, that during my last flight, where I tried it, there were so many people who bought it as well. So, it actually would be better to not be priority, because the area for waiting to board first was full of people, whereas the non-priority area was half empty.

Baggage in the cabin vs the hold

It may happen that you have some important stuff in your baggage and you are too afraid to put it into the hold in case it gets lost or something. I get that, so in that case, it’s certainly worth the extra fee. On the other hand, I fly with Ryanair often and there hasn’t been any problem with my baggage so far. Even though its low cost, they seem to be pretty careful with customers stuff.

No waiting afterwards

However, if you´re in a hurry after the flight, you do not want to be waiting for your luggage. It may only be twenty or thirty minutes, but obviously if you have your luggage in the cabin, there is no waiting afterwards. But then again, if you are not in a rush, what’s the problem with the extra twenty minutes?

Is it all really necessary?

No, it´s not. It´s more about being a bit more comfortable and saving some time, than anything else. If time is on your side and you do not care about boarding the plane with other non-priority customers, then you definitely don´t need to pay for anything extra.

On the other hand, in a scenario that you are in a rush or you´re taking some valuables with you, its maybe better to have your baggage with you. Question is, if they are even allowed to do that. Seen as they are the only airline company who does it, and there are plenty of other low cost one´s to choose from.

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