A great activity: Hike to the summit of Roseberry Topping!

roseberry topping

I have always been a nature lover and that’s why I was thrilled when we went to visit Roseberry Topping. If you can climb to the top, you will see beautiful scenery. What else you should know?

Where it is

Roseberry Topping is a hill located in the North Yorkshires of England. Close by towns are Stockton on Tees and Middlesbrough. It is also approximately an hour and half from Leeds. Roseberry is often compared to the higher Matterhon in Switzerland because of its half-cone shape with a jagged cliff. It’s a beautiful hill and in case you like hiking but you are maybe not as skilled as a professional, try out this one! Because Matterhon could cause some trouble for you.

roseberry topping

What to wear and what to bring

You do not specifically need hiking clothes or shoes because it’s not as difficult to hike, but you should still be prepared. Wear something comfortable such as joggers or leggings with sneakers. Make sure you bring some water or maybe even some snacks, because when the weather is fine, you can have a small picnic on the top.

roseberry topping

Weather conditions

When we were visiting this beautiful hill, the weather was not the best. On the top it was really windy, and I thought I would fall. So be ready for cold wind on the top, especially in this time of the year. But let me tell you, even though the weather might not be the best and it may feel a bit cold or windy, the scenery you will see is definitely worth it.

roseberry topping

How long it takes

If you are not rushing it and you are basically going at normal speed, you should reach the top in a maximum of 40 minutes. Even with small breaks, which to be fear I needed. Oh well, the missed time in the gym is showing me how weak I have become. Anyway, it will probably take you about half hour to come down as well because the hill is rocky and it may be slippery. Just be careful and you will have a lovely day!


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