How much do you need to start a blog & how to do it


When I was starting my blog in may I couldn’t imagine how much it would cost me or how much money I should have to start. Now, after almost six months I know much more and I am gonna share it with you. Get ready, this is all about the start up budget you need!

Free or not free? That´s the question

If you search a lot about blogs and their platforms you will find that there are plenty of possibilities on how to create a blog for free. Well, if you want to be a professional and you are thinking that this maybe something you want to get money from in the future, then forget the free options.

Why? Because when you start cooperating with pages or other businesses, you may need to add some banners or ads to your blog and it will not work. Or, maybe you will just need to do basic stuff such as write down copyrights on your template and that won´t be possible. And that´s not all, there are so many features that only work on the paid ones. So what should you do first?

Domain and hosting

The first thing you really need to do, is to decide what your blog name is going to be. Even though this might seem really easy, do not rush it. Once you register it and publish stuff it´s really not good, or even possible to change it. So after you´ve decided, choose a domain and hosting page where you will register. I used wedos and I’m happy with it, but obviously it depends on your location.

Since I am from Slovakia and this is a Czech company, it was a good choice for me. It cost me around 50 euros just to get started. This amount is a yearly payment that you will have to pay to make sure your blog works. After that, you have to choose a theme or template – I am using wordpress and my theme is The Moments Pro, which also costs around 50 euros. Luckily, you only pay for that once. There is a possibility of using this theme for free (and many other themes too) but as I said before, you won´t be able to do as much as with all the functions.

What about other expenses?

Well, as much as it would be really lovely to not pay anything else, you will need to invest some money to Instagram and Facebook ads. At least in the beginning, so you get more readers who actually read your articles and it may also help you get some more followers. I am still at the beginning of my own blog, so I am still learning a lot about this. That´s why I will write more about it in future.

So how much do you definitely need to get started? Well, I would say around 100 euros at least. Obviously different domains and hosting pages can charge different amounts and it depends on the template you choose as well. One piece of advice from me – don´t be tight on this, it will pay you back eventually, maybe a hundred times more.

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