Cheap flight tickets around Europe: Try out Fare Finder


There are always people who will say that they want to travel, but they do not have enough money to do so. Well, what about flight tickets which cost less than a few euros? Try out Fare Finder. Its really hard to say no to it, if its cheaper than a movie night in the local cinema.

Who is it for

There are plenty ways to save money during travelling and getting really cheap flight tickets is definitely one of them. This method is mostly suitable for people who don’t care about destination or dates, and their main priority is go somewhere nice on a budget. Does this feel like something you might do? Keep on reading.

Where to find it and how to do it

Well known low cost company Ryanair offers something called Fare Finder on their webpage. Basically, you just visit their page, then you go to Plan → Explore → Fare Finder. Then you will choose a destination where you want to fly from. Type your final destination word anywhere and set the budget for example to 20 euros (or obviously if you want to invest more or less that’s up to you). Ryanair will find for you the cheapest flight available with plenty of different dates you can choose from. After this you can scroll down and decide which final destination you prefer, you can pick one or even more and book it. Sounds pretty easy, right?

What if it doesn’t work

It may happen that the fly from destination doesn’t have too many options or they are not as cheap as you would wish. Then, try to be as flexible as possible. Search nearby airports or try it out on a different day. There are new flights almost every day, so do not be disappointed.

So why do people not do this more often? Well, not many people know about it. I only found out about this option myself a few months ago. Then, there are obviously a lot of people who want to travel but their dates and destinations are already set so they cannot really use it. For you folks, check out this article, to find other methods on how to save some money.


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