Car rent in Barcelona: 5 things you must be careful with


As much as I loved Barcelona, their car rental system is a disaster. We wanted to explore the city with a possibility of driving around, but in the end we couldn’t. I decided to write this article about it, so nothing like this happens to you. What you should be really careful with whilst renting a car? Keep on reading.

Unluckily we didn’t have much time to sort stuff online before we came to Barcelona, so we went to car rental companies and asked about prices at the airport. The amount they quoted was ridiculously high. They asked for about 160 euros to rent a car for three days. That amount to me, with my travel experience, seemed too much.

We decided to try and quickly order the car online since the price was less than half. So we bought it online through page and the company was Golden car. The same company which was saying that their car cost 160 dollars just gave us the same price online for 70. We had to wait for the car about one and half hours, but that didn´t matter to us, because we wanted to grab some food and drink.

When the pick up time for the car finally came, we went to the same guy and asked him where we can pick up our car since it was still the same company. He refused to help us and he said he has nothing to do with it since it was online. So we went to the pick up zone to another guy, from that same company and he said that obviously he had to help us. So we went there again… and that was just the beginning of the story.

Online or at the airport?

If you want to rent a car in Barcelona, its not the same as in USA. I thought that its better to do it online because of the price. Well, now Im not quite sure if this is the best method in Barcelona because of what I mentioned previously. The price might be much better, but people at the airport don´t behave the best to you when they know you bought it online. Obviously, we asked other companies to rent us car as well, but they were even more expensive or that they just didn´t have any cars available.


When you rent a car you should always have insurance. You never know what can happen so at least the basic one is a must. That´s why we went to and we ordered a car with insurance for three days. The price with insurance was about 70 euros which seemed legit to me, since in USA you can rent a car for about 130 dollars a week and this was just three days. But people at the airport were claiming that online insurance is not legit and that if we bought it online and something was to happen, the insurance would not cover it.

Seems a bit crazy, since even our accommodation provider said not to trust them because they just want our money and just do it online. So were we just lied to or is it really not legit? I guess we will never know, but I don´t think anybody can rent you a car without legit insurance.


As I said before the price difference was insane so be prepared, it can be either really expensive at the airport or you can do it online for cheaper. However, if its through Golden car they wont accept the online insurance even though you ordered it online with them.

Name of driver vs payment method

So, why didn´t we get the car in the end? Simple. They will block 1100 euros as a security bond which they will return you if you return the car in the same condition. Problem is not everybody has 1100 on their credit card. That´s why my friend used her father´s credit card. But, since the name of the driver was not the same as on the credit card, they refused to give us the car. They cancelled the whole bond and they said they will return us the money we paid. Which by the way, they didn´t. I had to call them many times and in the end they said that it is a who has our money and not them. Luckily, at they were really nice and gave us back the whole amount.

Drivers in Barcelona

Not getting the car after all of our effort seemed almost like a sign from the universe. And when we were exploring the city I understood why we didn´t get the car. Drivers in Barcelona seemed a bit crazy. They really aren´t careful and they don´t appear to be following any rules, so it would be a big chance that something could have happened whilst driving. That´s why I was happy in the end that we were using subways and trains.

Anyway if you still want to rent a car in Barcelona, make sure your insurance is legit. Also make sure you don´t pay double the price for no reason. Oh, and be really careful whilst driving.

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