10 things you can’t skip when you visit Barcelona


Spain was on my bucket list for a long time and since we decided to go see Maluma in Barcelona, we added a few extra days to explore the city. What you really shouldn’t miss out here? Keep on reading!

Barcelona FC Camp Nou


Are you a football fan? No? Well, I am not the biggest football fan either, but, this is something you really need to see. One of the three biggest football stadiums in the world by capacity and the biggest one in Europe. You can see it from outside for free, and for around 28 euros you go on the stadium tour and get an up close look at everything you are interested in. And well, obviously if you are a fan of Barcelona, then it’s a must.

Font Magica 


I have seen a few truly amazing fountains in my life, but this one is really magical. The colour and musical performance is something you should really not miss. Make sure you schedule this to your program whilst visiting Barcelona, especially because the performance in fountain is available only in evenings (starting around 9:30 pm) and only from Wednesday to Sunday during summer months. For the rest of the year, it is just Friday and Saturday.

La Rambla

If you truly want to explore the atmosphere of Barcelona, you need to walk the street called La Rambla. It is one of the most famous pedestrian streets and you can either shop around there, try wonderful ice cream and waffles, or watch some crazy street artists!

Hidden streets

Whilst walking around La Ramble I strongly recommend getting lost, and just exploring the tiny hidden streets nearby. You will be able to see where Spanish people live and the atmosphere is just awesome. And when I said get lost, that’s because all of the streets are so similar, its more than likely that you will be a bit confused.




Close enough to La Rambla you will be able to find the Harbour. I don’t know about you, but I am always fascinated by all the nice boats and just the atmosphere around harbours in general. We were just chilling nearby on the grass, because we had walked thousands of kilometres and we were pretty tired, but it’s totally worth it.

Amazing sea food


When you are near the Harbour make sure you grab some sea food. I had one of the best pasta and sea food meals in my whole life in Barcelona, so make sure you don’t skip this opportunity. Oh, and why not drink some sangria with it!


If you are visiting Barcelona during summer, the beach is obviously a must. But even if you are visiting on colder months, it’s still nice to walk around. We went to a beach called El Masnou beach seen as our accommodation was nearby, and it was really lovely. Barcelona has plenty of other beaches to choose from so its basically up to you, what is close to you or what you prefer.

Sagrada Familia


This is a must see. I have never seen any basilic that was as magical as this one. It literally took my breath away. Well, that’s probably because Gaudi was the architect. And to be fair, he designed a lot of other buildings in Barcelona and all of them look incredible. That’s why we visited Casa Mila and Casa Battlo as well.  

Casa Mila


Also known as La Pedrera, it´s a Gaudi designed building as well. Gaudi had a huge impact on what Barcelona looks like. And thanks to his great architecture skills, you can now look at buildings like these.

Casa Batllo

Again, designed by Antoni Gaudi. But, this is considered as his masterpiece. Well, I can only agree. You can find this building in the centre of Barcelona, and it´s absolutely worth visiting.



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