Visit these 3 clubs in Budapest for the night of your life


Many people visit Budapest for its amazing night life and I cant blame them. If you are looking for a great spot where you can have your bachelor party or where you just want to party hard, capital city of Hungary might be the perfect answer.

Only problem that may occur is that you wouldn’t know which bars and clubs you should choose. That’s why you need to keep on reading to find out the best spots which I have found thanks to my Hungarian friend who has lived there for a few years now. So where you should go for great party?

Everybody has different taste in bars and clubs and also different taste in music. That’s alright because there is a great street called Gozsdu udvar, where you can find multiple bars and clubs with plenty of different genres. These three are my favourite ones:

Blue bird karaoke club

It doesn’t matter if you are great singer or not, this bar is beyond perfect. People can choose songs which they like and sing it either alone or with their friends. Others are listening and usually singing along. You shouldn’t be worried that you will be embarrassed cos this club is usually really full so even though you might not sing perfectly nobody will really care since everybody is having the time of their life.

Vicky barcelona

Do you like Spanish dance music? If so, this may be the perfect spot for you. I was dancing there for like two hours without a break because they played some awesome music. Its not the biggest bar, but the atmosphere is lovely and as I said before the music was just great.


Do you prefer modern hip hop music and maybe some party songs? This will be the perfect choice for you. Its much bigger than the two clubs I have mentioned before. There are three bars in it and a big dance floor so you wont have to wait too long for your drinks and you should have enough space for dancing as well, although around 1-2 am it starts to be really overcrowded.

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