10 reasons I love New York, and one reason I don’t

new york

New York city is probably the most famous city in the world. And you will either love it or hate it. But to be fair, I don’t really know anybody who doesn’t love it. Although there will be situations when the city will test your patience and your positivity much more than you think you can handle… But that’s the moment when you need to visit these places, to fall in love again. So when you finally get the chance to visit the city that never sleeps, make sure you don’t miss out these spots!

Staten Island Ferry

Make sure you try the Staten Island Ferry. Thanks to this free ride ferry, you will have a nice view of the Statue of Liberty and Manhattan itself. Its about a half hour ride there and another half hour back, but to spend it surrounded by these views is definitely worth it. If you are there during summer, its a lovely way to chill out, because the nice breeze will make the hot weather much easier to handle. It will more than likely be busy there, but that’s just how New York is.

new york

Empire State Building or Top of the rock

new york

Its a bit hard to decide which one gives you better view, if you are trying to avoid paying for both of them. That’s why I wrote a whole article about it. Anyway, whichever you choose, you will get to see the beauty of the city basically on the palm of you hands. The atmosphere on the top of either of these incredible buildings is truly magical. It can be made even better if you pick the time when the sun goes down.

9/11 memorial

Another thing you can visit in New York for free, is the incredibly powerful memorial. In my opinion it is a really important thing to see. The majestic memorial will give you goosebumps. Its a bit sad and emotional, but its something that its truly worth seeing.

new york

Brooklyn bridge

If you are already close to 9/11 memorial and Staten Island Ferry, Brooklyn bridge is on your way too. Besides Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, this is another famous bridge that you have to visit. A lot of movies shot their famous scenes there and its just beyond beautiful.

Central park

Well, speaking about movies, Central park is so common in a lot of them and you cannot blame people for choosing this place to film. A huge park that is basically impossible to go around in one day, is definitely a must see in New York. Make sure you have enough energy for walking and go wander over there. Or maybe take some food and drink, to enjoy nice picnic in Central park.

new york

Shows on Times square

Forget about Broadway, although that is an unforgettable experience too. Just try to walk around and notice street artists who are doing plenty of different shows on Times square, almost all the time. Stop for a bit and enjoy it, cos they are really talented and its worth seeing. The atmosphere is always great.

Grand Central

Well we all wish Bratislava´s train station would look like this :D. Anyway, the most beautiful train station I have ever seen, even more because I was a huge fan of Gossip Girl. Its another thing you can see for free in New York, but its just so nice. Make sure you check it out.

new york

Are you fan of Sex and the city?

If you are a bit of TV show addict, like I am. And if you love Sex and the city, then make sure you check Carrie Bradshaw´s apartment. Only thing you will miss after this is her lovely Jimmy Choo shoes and Mr. Big.

new york

Travelling by subway

Weird tip? Well, not really. Its so common that artists start their performance in subways and it will definitely make your day as it always did mine. Just go for few rides (city is too big to walk around anyway) and Im sure you will get the chance to see someone perform.

Nice people

I know this is not really a tip for sightseeing, but the thing that I love about New York are also the people. There has been so many situations when somebody helped us cos we were desperate, like with which subways to take or where to go. Even the waitresses are nice and cheerful. It is full of just nice people in general.

What I didn’t like about New York

As much as I love New York, I seriously hate how overcrowded it is. To be fair there are over eight million people living in Manhattan, so it´s a bit of a given to be so busy all the time. But when you lack the time, you have to get from spot A to spot B, carrying luggage and you are at the Time Square, it´s just impossible. And not just in that area. It is always full of tourists and super busy everywhere you go. I understand that its a huge city but this will be maybe bother you too. On the other hand, just remember the numerous lovely things over there and everything will seem perfect again.

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