What to do if your flight has been delayed or cancelled!

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Due to a one-day strike by pilots and cabin crew, Ryanair has cancelled 250 flights. Over 40 000 customers have been affected. Are you one of them? Do not worry, you are entitled for free rebooking or a full refund if your flight has been cancelled. You can also ask for compensation.

Was your fight delayed or cancelled?

I do understand that being stuck at the airport with your flight being cancelled is a bit emotional, and lots of you will get super angry. I get that, a few of my flights have been cancelled or late too. So, what is the procedure?

Firstly, take a few deep breaths. You have to realise that flight companies must follow the law, which obviously protects customers. So, if there is a situation that Ryanair or any other company cancelled your flight, then they must give you an option to either rebook the flight (same date if possible, and a similar time as well), or to give you a full refund.

Obviously, this is in the situation that they gave you the information at least 14 days ahead before the flight. If you are already at the airport and your flight is either late or cancelled, you are entitled for compensation as well. 

How it works with compensation?

You need to know that all the flight companies must follow European law, which says that if there is a European flight which is either late or cancelled you have the right to ask for compensation. Good thing is that if your flight is significantly late, they have to give you a voucher for drinks and food.

You have the right for accommodation as well, if the flight delay is bigger than one day. Obviously, they must inform you about the situation too, either by phone or email. And if your flight is late for at least five hours, the company must give you a full refund of the flight ticket.

Cancelled flight

If your flight has been cancelled in less than 14 days before flying, you have the right to financial compensation. You also have the right for reimbursement of the costs of the ticket or rerouting to another flight. The amount of compensation depends on the distance that you will travel as a passenger. Obviously, if you are flying further the compensation gets bigger. 

Application of the compensation

You must address your eligible compensation requirements as a passenger to an air carrier that has caused you an inconvenience by delay or cancellation of the flight. Compensation should be paid within 7 days, in either cash or by transfer to an account. 

How much you can get? 

As I mentioned before, the compensation depends on how far you fly. When its less than 1500 kilometres, you can get 250 euros. If its between 1500 to 3500 you are able to ask for 400 euros. If its more than that, you should be able to get around 600 euros. 

So next time your flight is late or cancelled, don’t freak out. Just think about the fact, the company will end up paying you your money back.





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