I flew with Ukraine airlines: How was it and what to expect?

A lot of people are afraid to fly with Ukraine airlines because they‘re not as popular as British Airways or Brussel Airlines for example. But should you be afraid to fly with them? I tried it for you and this is how I feel about them.


The reason why I chose to fly with them was the price. I found a flight ticket from Prague to New York for half the price of what other companies were offering. It only cost me around 400 euros for a return ticket. And since I needed to be there at a specific date, it was a really good price. So, not only do they have good prices for European flights, you can also find some good deals to the USA.

Look of the planes

ukraine airlines

Their low-cost planes are similar to Ryanair planes, and the ones we flew with to the USA were really nice and comfortable. Obviously, there was a possibility to watch movies, play games or listen to music. There was enough space between seats and plenty of leg room too. They also gave us blankets and headphones. I really can’t complain about the planes at all.

Waiting time

I flew with them four times, three flights were on time, the other was late by half hour. But that’s not too surprising. To be honest, I fly with different companies quite often and it does happen that flights are a little late. Especially when it comes to internationals flights or transatlantic ones.


ukraine airlines

During the flight, if it’s a longer one, you will get one warm meal and then probably some sort of bagel or sandwich. You will also be offered drinks multiple times. What was a little annoying is that not all of the drinks were free, you would have to pay for a Fanta or a Sprite. On the other hand, I really did enjoy their meals.

Behaviour of stewards

During all my flights the stewards were nice and helpful. Only thing which could be a problem was that their English had a strong accent and even though I am from eastern Europe too, sometimes I had a hard time understanding them.



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