What is better? Top of the rock or Empire State Building

Top of the Rock

New York. The city that never sleeps. Million lights, billion views, amazing atmosphere. BUT, which of the views should you choose to make the most of it? Well, after seeing the two most famous ones, I decided to write which one I prefer and why. What would you choose? 


For a lot of people, price can be the main decision maker. I can’t blame you. So let’s sum it up. There are 102 floors at Empire state building and you can find online tickets for around 35 dollars to get to the 86th floor. If you want to go to the very top, you need to pay additional twenty dollars so the approximate price could be around 55 dollars to get to the top. The ticket for Top of the rock is around 36 dollars but there are only 67 floors. On the other hand, once you are on the top you seriously don’t need additional 80 floors, the view is amazing.

Queue & waiting

If you decide to visit either of these, you will have to wait. It’s usually at least half hour even if you have bought ticket online. Obviously, it depends on your luck. It can be much faster, and it can take much longer. Since the Empire State Building is more popular than Top of the Rock, you will probably wait there longer. 


The Empire State Building is obviously the most iconic tourist attractions in New York, you can see it in so many famous movies and it’s a must see in New York, especially if you are going there for the first time. BUT, it does not include one thing which the Top of the Rock will give you. The view of the Empire State Building itself along with the city as well. In my opinion it offers a wider and better view than Empire State Building. Even though it’s not as high. It’s also not as crowded which can be considered as a big advantage for getting that perfect photo. 

So then, which one is better? I think which ever you choose, you will have a spectacular experience.  Both of which are very much worth seeing. Although I do think the Empire State Building is more iconic, Top of the rock is maybe worth seeing a little bit more.

Opening hours:

Empire State Building: 8 am to 2am, final elevator at 1:15 am

 Empire State Building


Top of the Rock: 8 am to midnight, final elevator at 11 pm

 Top of the Rock

Top of the Rock

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