How I felt homeless & hopeless in San Francisco

san francisco

We arrived in San Francisco a couple of hours before sunset. I thought it would be awesome to see Golden Gate Bridge whilst the sun goes down. We went to our Airbnb accommodation, ditched our luggage and started driving towards it. That’s when the adventure began…

We drove for about fifty minutes and we tried to find the best spot to have a nice view of the bridge. Then we realized, that our car has only 16 miles of gas left. We decided to refill it before we go to our destination. We didn’t have signal at the spot where we were. That’s why we started to head towards unknown areas till my phone finally decided to give me at least 3 G. (I seriously admire everybody who can read paper map and figure stuff out. Like my great grandparents).

When the map finally told me where the nearest gas station was, we arrived there with only 9 miles of fuel in our car. No issue, lets just refill it and go to Golden Gate Bridge. We still had enough time to see the sunset and make some nice memories. Well, let me tell ya guys, I will never forget what happened next.

My boyfriend got out of the car, opened the fuel tank and asked me where his wallet was. I looked around the car and that’s when I realized. We were smart enough to ditch all the luggage, bags and wallets at the accommodation. Our apartment was around 40 miles from where we were. No cards, no cash, no solution. Two desperate faces looking at each other.

Then, I saw that we still have our passports in the car. I thought: what if we ask the cashier to let us refill the car, we will go home, get our money and come back to pay. We would give her our passports as a collateral and that we will be back soon. That could solve it. Maybe… if she said yes. Which she hasn’t! Two even more desperate faces, laughing at our stupidity, thinking about what to do. Asking for money from strangers? Too embarrassing, too weird, something neither of us have done before. Did we have another option? I started to search on the internet possibilities to pay by your phone, but smartphones are not that smart.

We were sitting in the car with poker faces, trying to figure out the situation which hadn’t had a solution. We were basically hoping for a miracle. And then, the same cashier which refused our passports as a collateral came to us and gave us 5 dollars. I guess she was annoyed by our faces and by the fact that we didn’t leave the gas station. Which with 9 miles left was not really an option.

We put the gas in, it was such a small amount that the fuel range didn’t even change. Luckily, we managed to come home with 9 miles of fuel. We missed the sunset and the Golden Gate Bridge, but we did make a crazy memory. Now, we are laughing over this story. I will never forget how desperate and hopeless I felt. Let me tell ya, I did give all my coins to a homeless man, when we arrived in New York the next day.



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