Transportation in USA: How to travel city to city for 5 dollars


If you want to save some dollars in USA, it won’t be on food. But, you can save a lot on transportation. How? I was traveling in the USA for more than three weeks and I tried basically all types of transportation. Now I know, where you can really save a bunch of money.  So, what’s the trick? Keep on reading!  


Believe it or not, you can get some crazy cheap deals around USA, if you choose transportation by bus. Especially for traveling from New York to Washington or from Washington to Philadelphia. I managed to get tickets for as little as 4 dollars each! There are multiple web pages where you can purchase your bus tickets. From my experience, these are the best:, and probably the cheapest deals will be here If you need to combine different kinds of transportation or if you are just searching for best possible options, then check this site, its really helpful

Multi City Flight tickets

When it comes to flying around USA you should look for low cost travel companies such as Spirit Airlines. They have really good deals and you can save a ton of money if you buy multicity flight tickets. That’s best to check on  I managed to buy a ticket from Bradley airport to Orlando, from Orlando to Las Vegas and from Las Vegas to New York all together for less than 400 dollars.

Rental cars

Renting a car in USA is really popular. We rented a car in Florida for less than 140 dollars per week. Even though it may seem a lot, the gas in the east of USA is around $2.50 per gallon. So you can refill your car for around 25-30 dollars. And if there’s four of you in the car, then the price become ridiculously cheap. 

Public transportation

Don’t be sceptical. I know public transportation can be a little confusing, and you may be scared of it. but there is no need really! Google maps will combine the best form of public transport for you, based on your location and the destination where you want to go. Also, it’s another cheap form of moving around cities, even in New York. You can spend less than 6 dollars daily for two tickets and you will get to see a lot!


Well, it may seem funny but for me there is sometimes no better transportation than walking. If you really want to get to know the city, national parks or wherever else you decide to visit. Nothing can compare to walking around this wonderland. So, don’t be lazy and maybe try some hiking. If you are not so good at it or if you don’t have the “proper” equipment then that’s fine, there is plenty of easier hiking options that are an option, even in your basic sneakers.



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