Why LA disappointed me & 10 things that are worth seeing

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All my life people were talking about how amazing Los Angeles is. Well, now after I’ve seen it, I’m not so sure. Why? Keep on reading.

A few days ago I visited Los Angeles. I’ve never seen so many homeless, poor and weird acting people in one place. Also, there was so much mess on the streets and walking towards some neighbourhoods scared me. People were threatening us, and the atmosphere of the city just wasn’t what I expected it to be. On the other hand, I do believe that there is still lots of great stuff to see and that’s why I made this list. If you are visiting LA, then make sure you see these. Seen as it’s probably the best of what the city has to offer. Oh, if any locals read this article and they don’t agree with me, please hit me with some useful tips where to go next time when I’m there. Cheers.

Route 66

Who hasn’t heard about route 66? Yes, everybody has, because that’s the most famous route in the world. The highway runs from Chicago, Illinois right through Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and ends in Santa Monica, California, near Los Angeles, so why not to check it out if you are so close?

Santa Monica

los angeles

Santa Monica itself is in my opinion one of the most beautiful spots in LA. Beautiful beach and a lovely pier. This is something you should really not miss out on. Also, if you like fairground rides then this will be your thing.

santa monica

City hall

Do you want to see a lovely downtown view of LA? The City Hall is free of charge and you get to see the beauty of LA from the 27th floor. Also, you should check out the third floor as they have a nice city art collection for public viewing.Definitely check out this observatory, you will have a really nice view of LA. But, be careful. If the weather isn’t nice enough, you may not get to see as much. When we went there, the smog and weather wasn’t playing ball, so we didn’t get to see as much as we’d liked.

Hollywood sign

You can either see it from the Griffin observatory or you can hike your way much closer. Just make sure you do see it, as it’s basically the ONE thing you can’t miss when you are visiting Los Angeles.

Walt Disney concert Hall

Are you into architecture? Well, this building is magical, and you should really check it out. Maybe, you can even go to see some of the many shows there.

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if one building’s architecture wasn’t enough. Then head over to Malibu, and a beach called Carbon beach. Billionaires live in the area and their houses are ridiculously nice. Obviously, chilling at the beach is the main thing you will want to do here.  



Grand park

Some people say that El Pueblo de Los Angeles is lovely. When we were heading there, we discovered Grand park. In my opinion, the grand park was much nicer and safer. Near the historical monument at El Pueblo there were a lot of people threatening us. Really wasn’t the nicest area of LA. That’s why you should maybe just stick with the Grand park. Lovely fountain and the area itself has much more to offer.

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Venice beach

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Sick of sightseeing? Maybe rest a little at Venice beach! The Ocean is kind of cold and wavy. So, if you are into surfing you can either get on with it yourself, or maybe take some lessons. If you are not so much into it, you can just chill out and have a nap over there as I did. Nice breeze will def help you out. After spending time in the sun, you should check out the Venice Canals. It’s like a tiny piece of Italy in LA and its just so good to walk around because the area is extremely lovely.

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Rodeo drive

Who loves the Pretty woman movie? Yes, exactly! Rodeo drive is a must see. For those who don’t know it, it’s in Beverly Hills. It’s basically a street with all the luxurious brands and merchandise you can imagine. And well, you really don’t want to shop there. (Ok, you do want to, but only if your pockets are deep enough).

rodeo drive


If you are in LA and you do have a spare time, go watch some baseball. We bought two tickets for less than $20 and we saw the Los Angeles Dodgers vs San Diego Padres. Even if you do not really know baseball (like I dont know a single thing about it) it is still a great experience. 





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