Traveling to USA? Read this before booking accommodation!


Are you traveling to America? Awesome! Before booking your accommodation, check this article. As there are certain things you do need to know if you want to save some money.

More people less money

I understand if you want to travel solo, or just with your partner. But to be honest, you can usually get much better deals if there’s more of you. For example, there are lots of hotels that offer rooms with double king beds for the same price as a room with one king bed. So, you can either pay 50 dollars for two people or 50 dollars for four… Even though I understand that everybody wants to have some privacy, this is definitely a good way to save some money. During our traveling I saw so many opportunities for hotels or Airbnb that offered a better price for more people. For example, in Las Vegas we booked an apartment via Airbnb which costed around 48 dollars per night, but it was for six people / 3 bedrooms. Unfortunately, it was just the two of us, so we basically paid $24 each, which is still an awesome deal. But imagine the price if it was four or six of us! Well, sometimes its just better to travel with group of friends.

Forget about weekends

If you can plan your holiday and choose the dates, try to pick week days. You will definitely find much better deals during the week, rather than during weekends. If you can’t miss out the weekends and you are staying in more than one city, then check the prices in all the cities you are visiting and try to arrange the cheapest ones for a weekend. Let’s say you are going to Las Vegas and Los Angeles. Well, then it would be smarter to go to Las Vegas during the week, because you can find deals for less than 10 dollars per person on these days.

Sales and discounts on websites

I usually search for accommodation on or, and from my experience its always good to register. You can get much better deals once you are signed in and can even get some discounts.


After traveling three weeks around the east and west cost of USA, I can say that Airbnb is the best option for accommodation. You can find rooms with private bathrooms in homes that provide laundry, living room space and a kitchen for ridiculously good prices. A lot of the time they are a much better standard than any three-star hotel. I think its definitely worth trying, if you can shake off stress of potentially meeting people or living with them for couple of days. Most of the time you wont really meet your hosts or talk to them. So you may as well stop being worried about it, and enjoy much better accommodation than lots of hotels can provide.

No need for booking in advance

I know that in Europe its quite common to book stuff months and months in advance, but in the USA it’s not necessary. Especially, if you do not know where exactly you will be on certain dates. From my experience, the closer the date is, the cheaper the price is. So, no worries with booking accommodation half year before you actually travel. I booked many apartments a few hours before I arrived at my destination without any issue.

Car sleeping and camping

During traveling around the national parks, sleeping in a car or camping is definitely a smart option since its basically in the park. Therefore, you will get to experience true nature. No worries, showers and toilets are usually provided in the parks. Plus once you’ve paid 80 dollars for an annual ticket to see all the parks, you can basically stay overnight without any additional fee. If you are going to just one park, then you can pay 25 dollars as a one-time entrance fee.

Watch out for hidden fees

Scrolling through some websites I was surprised at how cheap the prices of hotels are. But, only once I actually clicked the link, and found out that the fees and taxes make the price twice as high. So, just make sure that when you go to book something that the price you pay is actually the whole price for your accommodation. I’m pretty sure you don’t want to end up in a situation where the receptionist will request more cash from you, that you weren’t expecting.

Couchsurfing is an option

Are you traveling solo and don’t want to pay for accommodation? I got you too. Try out couchsurfing! If you want to know more about how it works and wonder if it’s the right thing for you. Then check out this article, where I wrote some useful information about it.


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