Five tips on how to spend less money on food in the USA

save money on food

If you are traveling around USA and your budget is not as high as the Eiffel tower, you can save some money on food. What you need to know though, is that food in the USA is much more expensive than in Europe and you should expect to be spending at least 15 dollars per day for your meals. That’s basically minimum and even that is hard to achieve especially if you don’t want to eat just junk food.

After traveling around, I came up with some tips that may be useful for you as well. Normally, I eat meals based mostly on protein, which means basically lot of meat with veggies and almost no carbs. This made it even harder to find cheap and healthy food, but you do not need to struggle as much as I did in the beginning, just continue reading.


The worlds most famous supermarket will definitely be your answer. Luckily enough, they have so many options for everybody, so it’s basically up to you what you buy. Personally, I love their lunch boxes or sacks of pre-cooked meat – chicken or beef with many different flavours. Price is around three dollars and if you buy some veggies to go with it, it can be a decent lunch with no need for cooking. We have been traveling around USA by car, so the meat sacks are a great snack for the road.

Food court

Amazing thing about the food courts in USA, is that you can find really good food for a good price. Based on your choice, your lunch can cost you around 6 dollars. I love Chinese, so my choice would be some sort of meat with veggies and a drink (plus tax), and it was always less than ten dollars per person. Obviously, there are plenty other cuisines you can choose from and I think everybody can find something they like for a better price than in a restaurant. Food courts are often located at shopping outlets and as you all know, outlets are almost everywhere in the USA.


Seems funny to write down McDonald’s after I said that I try to avoid carbs BUT, they do sell twenty chicken nuggets for 5 dollars. They also have decent and cheap salads, or if you buy three cheeseburgers and ask them to serve it without bun, you are paying just three dollars for three decent burgers. Not bad at all! Obviously, if you do eat carbs, you will have much more options for a good price.

Dunkin Donuts

This is not really an option for me, considering how I eat, but I do have cheat days and there is no better place for that, than Dunkin Donuts. Lovely donuts for around one dollar can make your day one hundred percent better. Believe me, they’re like little angels for your belly.


Maybe not as cheap as the options above, but if you buy their breakfast menu which is around 13 dollars, I’m pretty sure it will cover not only your breakfast, but lunch as well, seen as their portions are just huge. Also, this is in my opinion one of the best places for breakfast in the USA, so even if you don’t want to spend as much money on one meal, go there at least once to try their chicken fried steak, eggs and hash brown.  



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