Couchsurfing: What you should know before you try it


Are you planning to go abroad but you have a low budget? Couchsurfing can be your thing. But before you consider this kind of accommodation, there are few things you need to know.

Free accommodation

What is couchsurfing and why is it so popular? Basically, it’s the same thing as Airbnb but it is for free. That’s probably one of the biggest reasons why people do it. You can just download app to your phone, create a profile, plan the trip and either wait for offers from members who are from the area or you can message them by yourself and ask if there is a possibility to stay at their place on that specific date. That’s it. Pretty easy and cool, right? Well, it is and even though having free accommodation is a huge benefit, that’s not the only reason why people do it.

Meeting new people

Couchsurfing community exists because people want to help others explore the world even if you are not loaded. They are willing to let you sleep on their spare couch, or in spare room for free which means that you shouldn’t just come and lock yourself in it. Get to know them, thanks to this app you can meet lot of amazing people who have seen so much of the world and can maybe give you some useful tips as well.

A local’s city perspective

That’s probably the third biggest reason to do it. Nobody can give you better tips on where to go than the locals. Ask them about tips and hacks and I am sure their perspective will be much more worthwhile than some tourist guide.


Some of the hosts may even cook for you. I mean, how awesome is that, right? Obviously, its their generosity and its not something you should expect, but it may happen and its dead nice of them so don’t forget to be thankful if it happens.

Luxury apartments

There are many hosts who live close to the city centre in really nice apartments and they will provide you room or some space for free. You may end up staying in the downtown area or you can stay in potentially super luxury houses. So, if you are lucky and you find a host like that you may be able to have better accommodation than some cheap hostel or hotel would provide.

Can be dangerous

You do need to know that there are some potential dangers behind couchsurfing. That’s why you need to be careful when choosing your hosts. Always go for those who have a lot of reviews and are verified. Especially if you are traveling alone, and if you are a girl. I tried couchsurfing more than once and unluckily one of my experiences was terrible. On the other hand, all the others were awesome. That’s why I still think that this is a great way of saving money when travelling on a budget.



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