5 things you should know about cliff jumping

As much as I love traveling, it’s mostly the adventurous stuff I get to do which makes it even more amazing. A couple of days ago I tried cliff jumping, and before I show you video from it I want to share some hacks with you that I wish I knew before I tried it.

Jump in feet first

We went to jump from cliff in Becket Massachusetts and there were different heights you could choose to jump from. I jumped from a cliff that was approx 15 meters high, and let me just tell ya, even after a week my butt could still feel it. That’s why you want to make sure you jump in feet first and not ass first.

Clothes are also important

I was wearing a bikini, but I think swimming costume would be a better choice. It would be much more comfortable and you wouldn’t have to worry about things popping out from bikini or bikini falling off. Oh well, we all learn by our mistakes right? But you can learn from mine.

Don’t look down

The most important thing during these kind of adventures when you aren’t used to it, is to just do it. Don’t overthink it, don’t wait too long, don’t look down, just jump. Waiting will just make you worry much more and maybe you won’t do it because you will be too scared and then you will miss out an amazing opportunity.

Take your camera

If you finally decide that you are doing it, make sure you have your camera ready or that somebody will take pictures/videos of you. It’s just the kind of memory you want to keep not just in your mind but on your cloud as well. I used my GoPro camera and it worked out pretty well I think.

It can be for free!

The most exciting part is that you can do this for free. Obviously it depends on where you decide to jump from. So, the saying “best things in life are free” certainly rings true here. You don’t need money, you just need to find the right places to do stuff like this. So, don’t be scared and enjoy your life to the fullest. It’s always better to risk a little, than to not do it and regret it after. 


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