Budapest through the eyes of true Hungarian: What is worth seeing?


When I visited Budapest, I was lucky, because my friend is Hungarian. Thanks to that, I saw not only what tourist guides like to present, but a little bit more of the true Hungarian spirit.

So, are you interested to find out what Budapest is truly like? Continue reading!

A little bit of sightseeing

Since I was in Budapest only for the weekend, we did just a little bit of sightseeing. We had a nice walk around Hero square, their three famous bridges and the beautiful Citadella. We were walking everywhere because it’s not that far and we truly wanted to enjoy the city atmosphere. Let me tell you, the views were simply breathtaking.

Hungarians are great chefs

Hungary´s traditional food is goulash, which is basically soup with a little bit of pasta, beef, pepper, tomato, potatoes and some spices. It is really worth trying, especially in a restaurant called Varosliget. Their food is beyond awesome! But what was a huge surprise to me, is the fact that they also have soup bars in Hungary. For a person who loves soups as much as I do, this is almost the biggest reason to come back. Other than that, you should also visit a restaurant called Disznótoros at Király street, where you should maybe sample their flavored beers.

Amazing night life

Budapest is well known for their parties, after all, this city is full of students, so they definitely know how to party. We went to Gozsdu Udvar, which is a street full of bars and clubs, so if you don’t enjoy your time in one club, you can quickly visit another one. They played modern pop and hip-hop music, but the clubs were really busy, which made it almost impossible to dance there. On the other hand, the alcohol is cheap enough, so that will help you stop caring about the fact that you don’t have the space to dance.  

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