Tricks how to fly from Europe to USA much cheaper!

Lots of people love traveling, but they will always say they do not have enough money to travel outside of the Europe. Truth is, it can be much cheaper if you know some of these tricks. Settle down and keep reading.

Be flexible and ready

If you truly want to travel cheap you should be really flexible and always ready to go. This is something that every passion traveler or blogger will tell you. If you see some cheap flight for tomorrow, do not hesitate, just buy it and go. It’s that simple. On the other hand, I do understand that lots of you have normal 9 to 5 jobs and this is not really possible, but no worries, I do have some hacks for you as well.

Check out some of these pages

There are plenty of people who basically specialize in finding the best deals possible for travelling. They even created some useful pages where you can find flight tickets much cheaper, even to destinations that are normally expensive. I will give you the list of my favorites (I am sorry, some of them are Slovak, but I think it still can be helpful).

Join these groups on Facebook:

Search for these webpages:

Try this trick

Last time I was buying a flight ticket from Prague to New York, I saved 50 euros just because I didn’t buy my flight ticket on the English version of the website, instead I tried Italian one. Pretty crazy, huh? But it works, so if you truly want to save every possible penny, be a little more patient and creative. For me it worked on this site –


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