Do you like adrenaline? I jumped from bridge and it was incredible!

jump, bridge

I don’t call myself Daring Diana for no reason. I love adrenaline and I cannot wait to  experience many more adrenaline filled activities than what I’ve already had tried.  I really loved jumping from Lafranconi Bridge in Bratislava, so I decided to give you some useful tips on how to make it cheaper and better for you!

Clothes and shoes

The whole jump takes just few minutes but believe me, you want to feel comfortable. Wear some sneakers, t-shirt and some elastic pants. If you have a GoPro camera, that would be great as you can actually make footage of the jump. However, if you don’t, don’t worry, as they can provide you with their camera to video the experience for a small fee.


Jumps like this aren’t the cheapest, but that shouldn’t stop you. The original price can be around 20-30 euro per jump, depends on the company you choose, BUT you should definitely try and visit one of these pages -> or where you can find great sales for jumps. I paid just ten euro for the jump thanks to these sales.

jump, bridge

A few seconds for a lifetime experience

The jump itself took maybe ten seconds, but the view, adrenaline and freedom which came with it was incredible. Even if you are little bit afraid, go for it. One of my friends was really scared to try, but in the end, he did it, and he loved it. So, I dare you to do it, if not now, then when?



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