I travelled with Ryanair after they changed the luggage policy: What’s actually new?

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Lots of people like low cost travel and that’s why they choose Ryanair. I like it too, because there are not too many companies which provide flights as cheap as Ryanair does. Not long ago they changed their luggage policy and many people were confused about this fact. So, what is actually new and what should you expect?

If you have your boarding pass, you do not need to go to check in and wait there in the queue. Just go with your luggage to the control, and then, when you are next to the gate, Ryanair will take care of your luggage. They will put a stamp on it and when boarding, you will put it in the trolley.  After this, you will board the plane without your hand luggage, and a Ryanair employee will put it in the cabin. But you can still have a small bag (for example computer bag or purse) with you.

Once the airplane lands, you will leave it without your luggage. Then you will go to passport control and then to baggage claim where your suitcase will wait for you. So it’s pretty similar to what you would do if you didn’t have just hand luggage.

Do you want your hand luggage on board?

If you want your hand luggage (which is usually small suitcase with maximum 5 to 10 kilograms – depends on company) on board, you now have to pay for it. But, obviously, you don’t really need your luggage on the board, do you? It can stay for free in the cabin.

After all, it’s not as complicated at some people would think. 




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