Free up your iPhone memory space using this simple trick!

If you own an iPhone and you take as many pictures and videos as I do, sooner or later your memory space will be full. Luckily, this trick can help you free plenty of gigabytes in just few minutes. All you need to do is follow these three steps.

Check your memory space

First of all, you should check how much space you have left. You can find this information in your general settings, where the information about your iCloud and phone memory are. If it’s less than for example 4GB, then you will really love this trick! But no worries, it can be more, just follow this advice carefully.

Go to your iTunes

When you open iTunes, you should try to rent some movie, which have more GB than your free space. You can try for example War and Peace. Then you will click on rent movie and after few minutes it will say that you don’t have enough space on your phone. That’s actually good, cos that means the magic just happened.

Check your memory space again!

When you go to your settings again and you check your free space after „not renting“movie you will see you have much more gigabytes than what you had before.  It´s really simple and useful. And you know what is great? You can do it multiple times and it works every time you do it!


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