Party in Manchester? Prepare for great night life!

If you go to Manchester, you should think about going to party there. This city is basically famous for their crazy parties where you can find great music, cheap alcohol and funny people. But which ones are the best? I will give you some tips!

I visited Manchester and my friends took me to plenty of clubs and bars. If you are foreign and you need some tips for where to go to party or beer, then check out these places.

Easy start at Grand central

Grand central is a rock bar with great music, it’s cheap, has good beer and a nice atmosphere. Don’t expect luxury here but there are plenty of nice people with a good taste for music. You can definitely start your night here.

For beer to Bierkeller

In Bierkeller you can find amazing drinks and really tasty fruity beers. I recommend you try some and see for yourself. Also, this a great place for dancing. Especially if you like pop music, because they play it quite regularly.

Party in Yates

Yates is a huge two floor club that is situated in the city centre. If you are looking for a club where you can dance a lot, this is a good place for it. Also, drinks aren’t too expensive, and this place looks really nice.

Finish your night at Satan´s hollow

Well, as the name states, this bar is not for angels. So basically, if you like rock and metal music and cheap beers, this is the place for you. You can sing the lyrics of the songs and enjoy your time with mostly tattooed/pierced individual (maybe you are one of them). The décor is super cool, the people are friendly, and they know how to party. However, if you are looking for some fancy place that you can wear a pretty dress, maybe stay in Yates’.

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