I tried caving and it was great, but I wish I knew these 5 things!

I visited Manchester and my friends took me to see a cave in the Yorkshire Dales. I loved it, but I think, you should definitely know this before you try it out.

Dark and deep

If you are dealing with claustrophobia or if you are afraid of heights, then I suggest not doing it. Without a light you can’t see a thing, and the caves are pretty narrow. However, when you are with the instructor it’s very safe, but you might feel a little bit uncomfortable or even lost.

Cave view in the Yorkshire Dales

You need to be strong

When you are going to the cave, at the beginning you are just walking, so that’s the easy part. Then you are going deeper and deeper which is also kind of easy because your friends or instructors help you and it’s really not that difficult. But then when you are going back, you need to be fearless and at least a little bit strong. Because even though they will help you go up, you still need to climb a little and if you have never done it before you could start to feel very tired. So, you could prepare yourself by maybe going to the gym a few days before you do caving or maybe even try the climbing as well. It may help you to feel much more comfortable and capable of doing this.

It’s a team sport

As a first timer you should never go to the cave alone and if you are there with your friends or instructors you should always listen to their advice and instructions carefully. As much as it is a great experience it might be dangerous.

Cave view in the Yorkshire Dales

Bring extra clothes

Each cave is different, so you might be able to stay dry and warm the whole time. However, I wasn’t lucky enough. When I was climbing up the cave a small waterfall got me really wet, even my underwearwas totally soaked. And then when you are finally away from the cave you have to walk a little to your car. We were there in the evening so you can imagine how cold I was.  That’s why you should definitely bring some extra clothes (socks, underwear, pants, t-shirt, sweatshirt…).

Cave view in the Yorkshire Dales

Totally worth it

As much as it can be scary, or maybe little bit uncomfortable it’s definitely one of the best things I have ever done. If you love adventure, if you are into trying new things, if you like exploring and if you are in love with nature, then go for it. You are going to love it and you will definitely want to do it more often. And all the things I said before won’t matter because you will only remember how awesome it was.

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